Om Agro Products is a Jabalpur based company and is coming up with a fully integrated cold chain containing freezing equipments, cold storage facility on its own. The company is using state of the art freezing technology i.e. Individual quick freezing (IQF) and process facility of two tons per hour capacity. The strategic location of the unit ensures material to be picked from the farm land and products and services in the domain of frozen foods, storage warehousing and transportation for national and international customers.

We offer a wide variety of frozen products under the brand name of PEARL. We adhere to strict quality parameters and meet stringent Food Safety Law, FPO, GMS & GAP norms and are in process of acquiring ISO 22000 which includes HACCP. We have a deep freezing storage facility of about 1500 metric tons for products to be preserved under - 18• C.

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Frozen Fruits and Vegetables

Quick Frozen fruits and vegetables are the product prepare from the fresh, clean, sound, whole , immature fruits and vegetables which have been washed, sufficiently blanched to ensure adequate stability of colour and flavour during normal marketing cycles and which confirm to the characteristics of the species of fruits and vegetables.

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